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Canon Source: Death Note
Canon Format: Manga
Character's Name: Mail Jeevas/Matt
Character's Age: His birthday is 2/1/1990, so he's almost 20 when he dies (1/26/10).
Sex: Male.
Species: Loser Human.
Character Suitability: N/A

Character History: *Because there is so little information given in canon, parts of Matt’s history and personality are assumptions that I have made based on both what I’ve seen of him in the anime, read of him in the manga, and statistics and statements made in HTR13, which is an actual canon source.

Matt really only appears in manga issues 10, 11, and 12, each for only a few short panels, and he barely has any dialogue; he actually appears in even less of the anime series. From what I’ve read of the manga and How To Read 13 and seen of the anime, Matt grew up with Mello and Near at Wammy’s House; he was the third in line for L’s succession, after A’s briefly mentioned suicide and BB’s romp into the world of serial killing. Based on statements found in HTR13, I feel that it’s safe to assume that Matt appeared at Wammy’s at a relatively young age, probably between years 6 and 10. Also, because of his lack of social skills (and the assumption that social skills were just generally lacking in this unorthodox orphanage because of the myriad of “geniuses”), he probably wasn’t able to make many friends; one friend that it’s quite clear he did make was Mello, the resident number two in line for the title L, who left at fifteen to make a name for himself in the world apart from Near, the number one, after L’s death. Matt, at that point, was fourteen.

After some years of unknown activity, Matt reconnected with Mello to do some surveillance work for him. It’s probable that Matt was quite clear on the target of his surveillance – model Misa Amane, the suspected “second Kira” and “girlfriend” to Light Yagami, who was thought for some time by both L and each of his successors to be the original Kira – however, it’s unclear whether or not he was fully aware of the danger of such a job.

Sometime in January of 2010, Mello received a call from a mole he had planted with Near – Halle Lidner, a member of the SPK who was also working undercover as a bodyguard for the Kira spokesperson, Kiyomi Takada, another “girlfriend” of Light Yagami. It’s unknown, what they spoke of, but, afterward, Mello worked to form a plan, probably with Matt’s input, and they both put that plan into action on January 26th, 2010. Using a smoke bomb, Matt created a diversion, scattering Takada’s bodyguards and allowing Halle to situate Takada with Mello, who disappeared into the city with her. While Mello made off with Takada, Matt drove off in his car to divert the attention of her bodyguards; his cockiness led him to be shot repeatedly by those same bodyguards once they had him cornered, and Mello didn’t get much further. He was killed about an hour later, by Takada, who used a hidden piece of the Death Note she hid in her bra to write his name.

However, their deaths were not in vain; Matt and Mello’s combined efforts to kidnap Takada may have cost them both their lives, but it also paved the way for Near to prove his case against Light Yagami.
Point in Canon: Matt is being pulled immediately after his death by multiple gunshot wounds after helping Mello kidnap Takada. He's been working surveillance for Mello, tailing Misa Amane, and helping set the plan for Takada's kidnapping into motion. He'll awake in the lab immediately after his last breath is taken - which is used to smoke a cigarette. He might actually mourn that cigarette for a moment.
Previous CR: N/A

Character Personality: A number of Matt’s attributes are shown through one statistic, provided by HTR13 – his social skills. He scored a 3 out of 10, which leads me to believe that he is very private, and he doesn’t offer up his opinions or views very easily; the same goes with his emotions. Unless he feels quite comfortable around a certain person, he’ll most likely maintain a blank expression and tone, opting to show an uncaring attitude. He probably actually cares about very little other than himself and his own goals (which are few and far between), and it takes a great deal of conversation and logic to get him to change his mind. This part of his personality could also be explained by an unavoidable awkwardness that seems to come with the Wammy’s package; a good number of the other children raised by the place (L, Near, Mello, BB) seem to also have extreme social problems, though some worse than others.

He has one addiction, and that’s smoking; he chain-smokes worse than a chimney, and he’ll often be found with a smoke. As evident in what few panels are shown of Matt’s daily activities in Volume 10, he mostly keeps to himself, refusing to go out and socialize with people, and instead chooses to work or play his video games. He also is shown to be surrounded by junk food wrappers on the floor, which indicates that he’s a somewhat messy individual, not exactly caring much about his surroundings or living space, nor does he seem to really care how well he takes care of himself (this is evident from both the smoking and the lack of substantial meals).

Matt’s very intelligent, but he probably chooses to hide this fact when he finds dealing with other people to be unavoidable, finding it simpler to just let people think what they will about him; if they find him stupid, he can only perceive this as an advantage. However, because of his lack of social skills and need to fit in with society, this intelligence is mostly based on book smarts; he most likely has very little real-world knowledge, opting instead to leave that up to others who he can work with or for, like Mello. He’s very fond of stripes and blue jeans, and he’s normally playing a handheld game of some kind, such as a Nintendo DS, and he almost always is seen wearing a pair of yellow-tinted goggles over his eyes; these are very important to him, in an almost sentimental or rebellious sense. Matt also tends to be less fixated on the grand scheme of things than the other former residents of Wammy’s House, and he also seems to view people in a more “normal” aspect – in the hormonal teenage boy sense. No other child from Wammy’s has exhibited the same sort of sexual mentality that he has, with just one word: “cute.” In the few panels that feature him in Vol. 10 of Death Note, Matt refers to Misa Amane as a “cute Japanese girl.” This shows that he does, in fact, take physical attraction into account when building an impression of someone, a factor that L, Near, Beyond, and Mello all seemed to ignore. Where the others always tended to view people as tools to be utilized to reach an end, Matt sees them as actual people, who go out and do actual things. This may be from his extensive work in surveillance; it’s become his job to view people as they are.

I’ve always felt that Matt’s almost complete withdrawal from society was indicative of resentment toward the setup of Wammy’s, disliking the fact that someone had plucked him from foster care and decided that he was too intelligent and wily to be a normal kid, but also not good enough to actually be what he was raised to strive for. Perhaps in the beginning, like Mello, he was quite eager to show what he could do and become the world’s greatest detective, but as time wore on, he began to realize that it would never happen, and decided that his time would be better spent looking out for himself. This would also help to explain the relationship between Matt and Mello (that unspoken camaraderie between a pair of boys who, at one time, held the same dream) and why he comes to Mello’s aid during the Kira case, after an implied number of years spent apart. Unlike Mello, however, Matt must have decided somewhere along the lines that he needed to be more realistic.


First Person Sample: Gren and Matt in the showers: The most awkward conversation ever.
Proof that Matt is somewhat useless.
Mello and Matt vs. Mihai

Third Person Sample:

Matt took a long drag from the cigarette hung between his lips, trying not to let his nerve get the better of him as he listened to the dogs rattling around in their cages. The holding cells were locked tight, thankfully, but that didn't make this shit any easier. He was warier than normal, now that the infection was widespread. The silence, which he had enjoyed before, was overpowering now. It invaded his senses, stifling him and making it hard to breathe, despite the clean air and open spaces in the city.

No more crowds to chase him into his dark, locked room at their headquarters. Now he had no excuses left.

When the slow burn met the filter, Matt cursed under his breath, dropping the remainder of his cigarette on the tile floor and stomping it out beneath the sole of his boot. Where the hell is he? the brunet wondered, leaning against the nearest vacated desk and peering at the open door.

The dogs were still rumbling around in the cells.

The pack of smokes felt heavy in his pocket. Pursing his lips together, Matt tried for a second to ignore the urge creeping up his spine and into his jaw. His hand twitched. He took a deep breath, his mind an aggravating blank as he tried to ignore that urge.

"Whatever," he mumbled as he yanked the pack out of his back jeans pocket, sliding another smoke out with his teeth and lighting her right up. Pulling the acrid smoke into his lungs, Matt closed his eyes, settled all his weight against the edge of the desk, and sighed it back out after just a moment. "These lungs aren't real anyway," he mused, his tone flat. One might think he sounded disappointed.

Honestly, he felt rather free. The city was empty. He knew he wasn't real. He knew it was all fiction, all a plot that one day tumbled out of someone's overactive thinking cap.

And he was just some guy made up out of thin air to further that plot.

Suddenly he realized that his smoke was half smoked. The corner of his mouth twitched, rising upward. Other people may not believe it, he thought, staring down at the small orange glow, but I do.

He took another drag.

Always have.


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